Chase Dreams Vol.3 - The private jet!

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Chase Dreams Vol.3 - The private jet!

Flying on a private jet has always been on my dream list. Who wouldn’t want to skip all the queues, avoid the waiting around and breeze through security. It is crazy how things happen, I do believe you can manifest your goals and dreams by really focusing on them. 

To set the scene we were out in Germany shooting the Uncharted movie for a good 4 months and we knew once we had finished we would be heading to Barcelona for the final 3 weeks filming. What we didn’t know was how we would get there, Lauren and I assumed it would be on a normal plane as you do.

Were now in the mini bus heading to the airport talking about how we both really wanted to fly on a private jet and said it would for sure happen one day. A few minutes later we pull into a small airport and our bags are being taken from the van and we’re escorted to a waiting room. We were super excited by this point! We were sharing the plane with a small group including Tati Gabrielle the lead Villain, her two hench men Pingi and Steve along with Cowboy, Sophia and Mark's hair and makeup team. All total legends and as soon as the wheels took off the ground we were popping the celebratory drinks and raiding the snack draws! It really was an awesome experience, so comfortable with sofas and reclining chairs. 

Tati Gabrielle on private jet

We all laughed so hard and the jokes were coming out thick and fast, there must have been something in the brownies 😂

It was amazing to land, walk through security, I swear they didn’t check my passport and then magically end up at the hotel after being whisked away by another mini bus.

Well it was a mad day and just one of those moments when you find yourself smiling to yourself. Having come from humble beginnings, a trip like that really creates lasting memories.

My motto is to Chase your Dreams and I have not stopped since day 1. When they start coming true one after the other you realise that a positive mindset and faith in yourself can take you all the way.

Go get it!