Chase Dreams Vol.2 - Freedive Cetina Spring

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Chase Dreams Vol.2 - Freedive Cetina Spring

After seeing a picture pop up on my social media feed of a stunning 150 meter deep fresh water spring in Croatia I instantly knew it was a place I had to go and experience for myself. My wife and I planned to celebrate our 36th birthdays as we are only 5 days apart by diving into the spring. 

We drove a few hours to find it, very remote and away from most of the touristy towns and cities. It is found in a place called Cetina, such a beautiful and picturesque location being right next to a chapel. 

The water is Crystal clear, you can see 20 meters down before it starts to go deeper and darker. I always imagined myself swimming down and being one with this place, I knew the waters were going to have a special energy about it, and I wasn’t wrong. I actually swallowed some before diving down accidentally and it just felt like taking a sip of really refreshing spring water you would by in a posh glass bottle.

Freediving does give you a sense of connection, it also makes you feel small and in awe of nature’s scale and expanse. It was colder than expected, a chilly 10 degrees which Is not crazy cold considering I have been in 3 degrees and swam 120 meters but to dive down without a wetsuit was quite hard for me and I only managed 6 meters when a normal casual dive for me is 10m+. I was a little gutted I couldn’t have gone deeper but I guess it was better to be on the safe side as I50m would be quite the rescue mission!

freedive cetina spring

This was such a great experience in which I was able to see something that really inspired me and physically manifest it. You definitely get more power every time you tick off a dream.

Don’t stop chasing yours.