Chase Dreams Vol.4 - Car flip stunt

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Chase Dreams Vol.4 - Car flip stunt

Sometimes dreams really are about doing things that push you to your physical limits. I was not even sure If I could do it before this opportunity came along and presented me with the chance to step up.

We were working on the Fast and Furious live stunt show which was touring Europe when the show director felt it was missing something to spice up the show and give the crowd something to really put them at the edge of their seats. He decided to spring this idea of having myself and good friend Adam take it in turns to flip over a car driving 40mph towards us! 


flipping over a moving car (fast and furious live show)

We had both wanted to try this stunt in a safe environment anyway so we agree and the training began. We ran it many times getting closer and closer to the car as it came towards us. That first flip over was insane! Deciding to run head onto it and know there’s no going back, no room for a misplaced foot…

We both went mental after we had successfully flipped the car! Adrenaline was at an all time high! I went on to complete the live stunt in front of thousands of people 25 times. I don’t know if I would have wanted to do it without Adam. Together we were able to hype each other up before every show, making sure we were fully focused, warmed up and ready to succeed.

This was an example of how a shared dream and team work can take you all the way.

Bucket list item, ✔️ 

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